Monday, July 16, 2007

Sewing Border and Binding Strips Together

When I sew a long border or binding together, if possible, I like to use a bias seam. If the border is not too wide, say no more than 3”, a bias seam is less noticeable. Usually the eye is looking for a straight seam. If the border is any larger than 3”, too much extra fabric is needed and the seam tends to show up just as much as a straight seam. When piecing a binding together, whether a straight or bias binding, I like to use bias seaming because it offsets the seam, so there is not a thick spot where several layers of seams lie on top of each other. Lay the ends of the border or binding strips at right angles to each other, right sides together. Stitch a diagonal line from upper left corner of top piece to the intersection of both strips at lower right. Trim the seam to ¼” and press seam to one side. Continue adding all strips in this manner.

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unknown said...

Thanks you so much. This post helped me figure out the instructions on a quilt I was trying to finish by Christmas!!

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