Thursday, July 30, 2009

You're All Back, I Didn't Really Think You Were Gone

I found everyone. My followers are back. Won't tell you how easy that was! Is my old blondness showing??? Duh!!!

Quilt Festival

Long Beach Quilt Festival has come and gone. Boy, does that wear me out. I still have a ton of stuff to put away. My friends Marie and Kami came by and visited me. Kami has posted pictures on their blog, I am afraid I never got out to take any pictures. I was demostrating my Stitching Lines the whole time. What do you think I can make with 1000 half-square triangles. Honestly! I made that many!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

You're Gone But Not Forgotten

Where or where have all my followers gone? I don't know what happened or why everyone disappeared. I didn't remove you, but I seem to have lost you! What's up with that?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mishaps and Roadblocks

I am so behind in getting ready for the Long Beach Quilt Festival. This time I decided to take my own "drapes' for the side walls, as the Festival only provides 3 foot high side walls. So, I bought a couple of medium blue sheets from Target, some fireproofing spray from Joann's and set out to spray the retardant on the sheets. OK. That worked. But I couldn't leave well enough alone. I wanted to make sure that I had enough stuff on. So I bought two more bottles, poured them into a bucket this time and squished the sheets around. I hung them out to dry and they looked awful. Very, very splotchy. Into the wash they went and I now need to go buy three more bottles and start over. So much for the cost savings of taking my own versus renting!
Then I had another kink in my preparations.
I think I got food poisoning on Thursday night. If you have ever had that, you know that right then and there you may think an alternative to living might be more satisfying. So Friday and Saturday were pretty much spent on the sofa or in bed sleeping or watching TV. I'm feeling better today so I am off to Joann's.
Thank goodness I have a list of things to take to a quilt show. It makes it so much easier to pack. And I will definitely watch what I eat the rest of the week!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I got my Meandering Pines back from the quilter. Amie did a beautiful job as always. I put the binding on and then laid it down on the floor to admire. Lo and Behold, I screwed up major time! I had switched backgrounds on two of the blocks. The sky for the border was showing up in one of the interior blocks and vice-versa with one of the border blocks. Yikes! This is a quilt for my next quilt show and also to hang in a store for a class sample. I was mad at myself. I was more than mad...I was furious. I wanted to cry. But sound judgement came to mind. I just appliqued some little triangles right on top of each intruding print. And Amie says she can quilt on top of it. So all is saved. See if you can find the mistake in the photo I posted on June 21st.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Naming a Quilt

Today, I can say that I have finally come up with a new name for my next quilt. I am calling it Mosaic Marbles. Sometimes naming my quilts can be the hardest part of the whole design process. Andy had come up with a great name....I thought. He called it Glorious Globes. I loved that! It had a nice ring to it. My sister loved it. My daughter thought it was good! I wrote it into the pattern. I designed the cover with that name. I was all set. But then Andy started snickering whenever I mentioned the name. Come to find out, that is what some people call big boobs. So I Googled it a little farther than I had previously done and he was sooooooooo right!! Obviously, I couldn't use name! I am showing a little sneak preview. It will be a great quilt to use up scraps. Really the only fabric I have bought to make these quilts is the border and lattice. That's my favorite kind of quilt.
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