Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mishaps and Roadblocks

I am so behind in getting ready for the Long Beach Quilt Festival. This time I decided to take my own "drapes' for the side walls, as the Festival only provides 3 foot high side walls. So, I bought a couple of medium blue sheets from Target, some fireproofing spray from Joann's and set out to spray the retardant on the sheets. OK. That worked. But I couldn't leave well enough alone. I wanted to make sure that I had enough stuff on. So I bought two more bottles, poured them into a bucket this time and squished the sheets around. I hung them out to dry and they looked awful. Very, very splotchy. Into the wash they went and I now need to go buy three more bottles and start over. So much for the cost savings of taking my own versus renting!
Then I had another kink in my preparations.
I think I got food poisoning on Thursday night. If you have ever had that, you know that right then and there you may think an alternative to living might be more satisfying. So Friday and Saturday were pretty much spent on the sofa or in bed sleeping or watching TV. I'm feeling better today so I am off to Joann's.
Thank goodness I have a list of things to take to a quilt show. It makes it so much easier to pack. And I will definitely watch what I eat the rest of the week!

1 comment:

Candace said...

Double bummer, Mary! I've had food poisoning twice and you are SO right about the "alternative"!! Glad you're feeling better!

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