Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Computer Desk and Primrose

Here are the photos of my Computer Desk Free Pattern.
Obviously, it is not quilted yet.
It could be just straight-line quilted in the ditch, or I could send it out and have Magic Amie do something with it. I have not decided yet what I will do.
The finishing pattern is written and has been sent to my dear webmaster.
Hope to see it up soon on my site.

A couple weeks ago, I received a rather large package from Quiltsmart.
I opened it up and found all my quilts from my Primrose book. I have not seen them in a long time. Primrose was written in 2002, but I started designing it way back in 1999, so some of these quilts are really old.
Now I have the problem of finding a place to store them!
Anyway, I thought I would show you a few of these quilts.
There were a lot more in the box, but that might be really boring!

This is Primrose.

This is Primrose Garden.

Another Primrose Garden.

And a couple Worms on Parade.

For those who do not know Quiltsmart..............they produce pre-printed fusible to be used with machine applique.
My Primrose shape proved to be fairly versatile.
There were three different patterns in the Primrose book.
Quiltsmart is redoing the pattern. They are turning it into a kit with just the Primrose design.
It should be out for Spring Quilt Market.
And I went on to design Spanish Tile which also uses the Primrose shape.

I found this Spanish Tile in my closet. I think I started to take out all the quilting. For some reason I was not happy with what I had done. Maybe, it is time to work on it again.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Facebook and United Notions-Moda

What a surprise I had today. My friend Jane told me that United Notions-Moda posted my Stitching Lines as a Notion of the Day on their Facebook page. Of course, I think they are just going through the alphabet and finally came to the "S's". Anyway, it was there and I think it sparked a few orders. So, of course, I had to become a friend of United Notions-Moda so I could see what it was all about.


I started getting really frustrated. I couldn't find it. And I just had it. I know I didn't take it anywhere. I looked downstairs. I looked upstairs, I looked downstairs again. I looked in my car. Andy looked for it and he didn't even know what it looked like. The puppy was visiting. But she was locked outside with Tess while Andy and I went to lunch. I still looked outside on the grass. Maybe the dogs sneaked in. Who knows what a puppy will eat! I was beginning to think someone broke in and took it. Why would anyone want it? I could feel my heart pounding. I was getting mad. I did not want to make another!!
Then I found it.
The backside of a quilt can look really different from the front side! It was hiding from me in full view. I finally finished my Computer Quilt top. And I can't show it to you yet because I have not taken a picture of it. But I will. That's my next post.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fons & Porter, Stitching Lines and Quilt Shows

I have been very busy.
The quilt show in Torrance was better than last year. I think more quilters walked through the door. That is always good. Once again, I demostrated Stitching Lines. So I came home with another gazillion half-square triangles. I put one baby quilt together, but I am not happy with the colors. There are just too many colors this time. Maybe, after I quilt it, I will post a photo of the quilt.

Fons & Porter posted my Stitching Lines in their Shop Hop section of Love of Quilting, as a new product, plus my add for Stitching Lines was running at the same time in Fons & Porter Easy Quilts

So, lucky me, the orders were pouring in for the last two weeks. It seemed everytime I fullfilled one order, another would pop up. Can't complain about that!
This weekend I have another quilt show in La Habra.......the Friendship Square Quilt Guild Show.
I have not done this show before, so I am anxious to see how it goes.
And to top all that off, Quiltsmart is re-publishing my Primrose pattern as a new kit. I didn't think I would ever re-visit that pattern, but hope this will give it new life!

So, all in all, February was a pretty good month.
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