Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Computer Desk and Primrose

Here are the photos of my Computer Desk Free Pattern.
Obviously, it is not quilted yet.
It could be just straight-line quilted in the ditch, or I could send it out and have Magic Amie do something with it. I have not decided yet what I will do.
The finishing pattern is written and has been sent to my dear webmaster.
Hope to see it up soon on my site.

A couple weeks ago, I received a rather large package from Quiltsmart.
I opened it up and found all my quilts from my Primrose book. I have not seen them in a long time. Primrose was written in 2002, but I started designing it way back in 1999, so some of these quilts are really old.
Now I have the problem of finding a place to store them!
Anyway, I thought I would show you a few of these quilts.
There were a lot more in the box, but that might be really boring!

This is Primrose.

This is Primrose Garden.

Another Primrose Garden.

And a couple Worms on Parade.

For those who do not know Quiltsmart..............they produce pre-printed fusible to be used with machine applique.
My Primrose shape proved to be fairly versatile.
There were three different patterns in the Primrose book.
Quiltsmart is redoing the pattern. They are turning it into a kit with just the Primrose design.
It should be out for Spring Quilt Market.
And I went on to design Spanish Tile which also uses the Primrose shape.

I found this Spanish Tile in my closet. I think I started to take out all the quilting. For some reason I was not happy with what I had done. Maybe, it is time to work on it again.


Candace said...

What a fun computer desk patter, Mary! And how great to receive all of your Primrose quilts back! They are beautiful! I feel like I've seen Worms on Parade somewhere before - maybe a magazine? Was it published?

Anonymous said...

How long did they keep your quilts? Your primrose quilts are absolutely beautiful!! Glad they are back safely home where they belong.

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