Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I am excited to add two new products to my website......................ahhhhhh, Andy added them for me! I have finally finished Split Medallion. I love this quilt. It has been super easy to make and I love the look of circular objects without sewing a curved line. Amie Potter quilted this lap size. She "saw" exactly what I "saw"...................the circles and the diamond shapes. It is so great to send a quilt off to a quilter and have it come back better than before. Thank you Amie!
I have also developed a new product I call Stitching Lines. I have always found the chore of drawing diagonal lines on the backs side of squares to be tedious and time consuming. Stitching Lines eliminates that step in quiltmaking. I spent a lot of time finding the right paper. With other products, the paper does not always peel away easily. The paper I use peels away quick and easy without little tiny pieces stuck in the stitching line.

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