Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

Daughter Carol invited the whole family over for Carne Asada on Sunday night. As always Doug grilled it to perfection. Jill brought over lots of her leather purses that she is making for all of us to see. That girl is so creative. Can't wait to see more. She even made little leather flowers to adorn the outside of her gift for me which was a beautiful little dried bouquet of flowers in a frame. And Carol was not to be outdone. She has been busy making jewelry again and packed two very pretty sets of earings in a beautiful little card. I am so proud of anything Carol makes for me, as she has never been crafty. But she enjoys making earrings, although I don't think she does it very often anymore. Dave was gone all day racing his S2000 down at Qualcomm, but Andy and I had lunch at one of my favorite little Mexican restaurants. And I even took a nap in the afternoon. All in all it was a good day.

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