Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Same Quilt as Before

Talk about the "same ol', same ol'. I just made the same quilt again that I made last week.

I am just so inventive, I really surprise myself! LOL At the last quilt show, I made waaaaaaaaaay to many half-square triangles while I demonstrated my Stitching Lines in one bunch of colors, enough for two baby quilts. And since I was not at all happy with the quilting on Chameleon Critters #1, I made another.

This time I did my world famous meandering quilting all over the surface. Oh, and I didn't do it just one time. I actually quilted the whole darn thing earlier in the week and then ripped it all out.
Did I ever tell you I am not much into the quilting part of this whole thing??? Anyway, my tension was all off and the bobbin thread was just laying there on the surface waving at everybody that walked by! So, out it came. Seems that my Juki runs best on the frame when I use a pre-wound cardboard bobbin. I failed to use that the first time..........and I know better.

And surprise, surprise, I quilted a second baby quilt yesterday.............two in one day....I am very impressed with myself!! I think I have posted this one before. Another bunch of half-square triangles needed to be put to good use.

And again, meandereing all over..............I can't do anything else on my talent in that department?

1 comment:

Joyful Quilter said...

I really like your half square baby is something I'd seriously consider scrappy quilts. Meandering is a good thing, I try other designs but I like meandering the best.

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