Friday, July 16, 2010

Diamond Block Quilt Day 2

I am still plugging away on my new Half-Square triangle quilt.

After I pick which four HST's will go together into the Diamond Block, I make sure the seams are going in the right direction. I repress if they don't. That's the trick to making a quilt like this.
All seams have to go the same direction from block to block.
I stack up the squares into four piles as I want to sew them. Then I take the bottom two piles, flip them around and stack on top of the two upper piles. Now all seam allowances are pressed in the same direction in each pile. This makes it so much easier.

After I sew two squares together (one from each pile), I press them all the same direction.
Then I sew the sets of two together, and get ready to press.

I either rip out the last few stitches with a seam ripper, or just tug the seams in opposite directions. The idea is to open up that seam for the final pressing.

I love this technique. I use it a lot.
Not only does it eliminate bulk at the intersection, but it means that I can twist the block any way I want when I place it in the quilt. And since I pressed all the seams the same from block to block, I know the seams will all nest together.

My quilt is growing.
I think I have enough squares for about a fourth of it.

I have had these fabrics piled up on my floor for a little while now (probably since I last cleaned up my sewing room).
Don't know yet what I will do with them. But I love all the colors. Still need some more fabrics.


Joyful Quilter said...

I LOVE IT! Other than light and dark constract is there any other thought process you use to put HS together? (thanks for the technique tip also)

Shari said...

This quilt is just sparkling! Thanks for the tip on the seam allowances...

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