Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Change in Direction

Well, I have scrapped my idea for a new quilt.......the one I showed with just a sneak peak. But,since I had made a bunch of half-square triangles for it and had already picked the borders and all the fabrics, I decided to turn them into diamonds again. This time all the HST's have the same light fabric.

Border Fabrics............I fell in love with the fabric on the right when I saw it while I was up in Big Bear. It's directional, so I passed it up. With a $10.00 price tag on a yard of fabric. I try to only buy what I know I will use and how I will use it. Well, then I found it at another store that was having a $2.00 a yard sale and I bought it up right away. I will only be using a little of it for this project. Someday, I want to make it up with a bunch of batiks.

1 comment:

Joyful Quilter said...

Too bad about the quilt design, why did you change your mind on it? The new quilt will be very pretty, I like your border fabrics. I like your bargin even $2 a yard it is even a great deal for a quilt back.

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