Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Tangled Mess? I Think Not!

Can you believe this mess of thread?

I never have a problem pulling a cut length of thread from this. IT DOES NOT TANGLE.

I love it! It's my very, very favorite thread!

Years ago, I bought this thread along with a few other colors from Quilt in a Day, and they still have it! It will last me a lifetime.

It is sold by a company called Levine Bros. I think it was originally meant for the tailoring industry. But I use it for hand sewing my bindings. It comes already waxed. I just cut a slit in the bag, and cut all the thread in half at one end. Then I just pull a length out one at a time. It absolutely never tangles on me. There are 675 yards in one package.......probably enough to last your lifetime also.

By the way, I have no recollection of why my white thread is not in it's bag. All the others colors are still tucked away in their bags. It is a mystery to me!

1 comment:

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

Looks like great thread! I love Quilt In A Day, so next time I'm shopping at the site I'll check out this thread!

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