Friday, May 18, 2012

Two Projects on the Wall

Why can't I finish something before I start with a new project???
As I was working on this little baby quilt,  

I got inspired to make another Loose Diamonds.

Ahhh!! Where did that come from!!

Who knows? 
But I am getting ready to release my Loose Diamonds in a PDF format on Etsy. 
So I guess it has been in the back of mind. What else is there?
I didn't have to buy any new fabric for the Loose Diamonds......all from my stash. 
That's what I like about this pattern.

I will show them both again when I finish.


Anonymous said...

It's sweet Mary

Candace said...

Fabric has a way of suddenly appearing in your line of vision when you're a quilter - lol! What an adorable baby quilt - and i love the colors in your new, Loose Diamonds!

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