Monday, March 11, 2013

Quarter Square Triangles

Who do you know that has more half-square triangles than me?? Come on! There must be someone! Well, I sure would like to meet them! I think I have an awful lot of them. It comes from demonstrating my Stitching Lines at quilt shows. I can't seem to use them up. I think they reproduce when I'm not looking. And some of the squares have gotten together that never should have met up. I can't even show you the really bad ones. They are punished and sent to the trash bin!! Quarter square triangles use up two Half-Square Triangles! Yipee!! That's two gone! My half-square triangle supply is made with 3-1/2" squares. Some I have already squared up to 3". But they work just fine when paired up with untrimmed HST's. Another Yipee! I take two HST's that look good together, press seams to the dark, stack them right sides together, with dark on light. I pin the two ends of the seam, and lay a small strip of Stitching Lines on top. I line up one horizontal dotted line with the seam line on the top HST, and try to line up the center-line of strip with the corner points. I stitch on the two dotted lines.
Next, I tear away the sides of the Stitching Lines and cut on the solid line. I leave the small 1/4" remainder and press against it.
Then I square up the quarter square triangle to 2-1/2".
All done. Two HST's gone and now I have two quarter square triangles.
OOPS. What happened?
Not only do my HST's reproduce.
Now they change color on me. What's up with that?? All finished and looking good!


Jo C. said...

I love them too. Everything seems to turn into an hst here! But i can't bear to part with the ugly ones...

Joyful Quilter said...

Me me me me...well maybe not as many but I have A LOT. Most of mine are those little (real little) leftover triangles from flying geese and other odd corners that get cut off (I call them cheater corners - don't know where I got the term). Thanks for the hour glass idea and tutorial.

Candace said...

You must have Gremlins in your sewing room, Mary! How I love your Stitching Lines! They make my quilting life SO much easier!

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