Monday, July 21, 2008

My Bright Red Cabinet

As I have been packing for the Long Beach Quilt Festival, I am afraid my sewing room has suffered.
There are no longer any neat little piles of quilts started and stashed. No cleared off sewing table to enable inspiration to flow... The floor is covered with left over slivers from the rotary cutter. The mixed up, jumble of creativity is everywhere and nowhere.
Next week, I clean!
But in all the clutter, I still can see my wonderful red cabinet filled with my fabric stash. When I saw this at Ikea, I couldn't stop thinking about putting it in my sewing room. I don't have anything red anywhere else in my home. But it is a color full of energy and I just love it! When everything else is a mess, my red cabinet filled with all my little fabric playthings might be the only inspiration that I need!

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