Thursday, July 17, 2008

My First Show

I am participating in the Long Beach Quilt Festival this month. This will be my first show.
Is that scary or what! I have been getting ready for a long time, making sample quilts, new patterns, writing long lists and gathering up everything I need to take with me. I have worked trade shows in the past when I managed the Quilt in a Day store,so this is not entirely new to me. But when everything rests on my shoulders, it is a little intimidating.
I have a small booth. It couldn't get any smaller! Trying to hang all my samples will be a challenge.
My good friend Luckie and my daughter Carol are willing to help me sell. Luckie worked forever for Quilt in a Day and has worked many Festivals and Trade Shows, so she will be a great help. And my daughter, Carol worked in a grocery store for many years. So she is comfortable working retail also. My other daughter, Jill, who is great with interior design, is going to help me set up along with my husband Dave. And my son Andy will help me dismantle everything. Let's hope there isn't much inventory left for him to haul out!

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