Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fabric Arrived

The Hoffman batiks arrived in the mail while I was at the San Diego Quilt Show. I couldn't wait to get started on my Native Star, so I cut the strips on Sunday, ripped apart on Monday and finished it today. I didn't like the way I had combined some of the prints in four of the blocks. That's why I ripped it all apart. I had planned it one way and then forgot what I had planned. Anyway, it is done and ready to go to Amie for the quilting. She's the one that does the magic.
Tessie got a shower this morning. Bear with me, while I talk about my almost perfect dog for a minute. When it is time for her shower, I just go into the downstairs bathroom and pull open the shower curtain. Tess hears that and in the shower she goes. I don't have to say a word to her. I don't know why, but she seems to love it. The shower has a large built-in ledge to sit on. We attached one of those rubber hoses with a sprayer. It was more for us than her. It is just so much easier on our backs than washing her outside. I think she must like the warm water. If the water isn't warm, I just say "not yet" and out she walks, but she turns around immediately and goes back in. Am I lucky or what!!

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