Sunday, September 28, 2008

Just Another Sunday Afternoon

Today was one of those days. The afternoon started off all right. In fact, my daughter Carol had just said that we spent a perfect Sunday afternoon together. We both had relaxing pedicures. We think we finally found the the right "salon" to patronize. We were both happy with our "new toes". We shopped. I found a great new blue purse. Carol bought some really pretty coffee cups and saucers. Then we stopped for a little pick me up at the local Boudin Bakery.
Ummmm good!
But then I wanted Carol to look at a folding screen I had seen at an import store. She liked it, I liked it, and it was on sale. Snce I couldn't find anyone to help me, Carol dragged it up to the cash register. The bad part of the day was now beginning! The girl said I couldn't have that one because it was a store model. So we waited for 10 minutes to see if they had another. They didn't. So they decided to sell me the one that Carol dragged through the store. Then the cashier said she would get someone to take it to my car. I pulled up my car to the front of the store. I waited another 15 minutes for someone to help me. I was getting ticked off, because the young man who was supposed to help me, kept ignoring me. The younger and cuter girls were more interesting to talk to. This is after I had asked him to help me. We're talking about a 1 minute job for him. Anyway, I finally got it in my car.
We then went to Kinkos to pick up something I had taken in yesterday morning. I took in all the copy. All Kinkos had to do was cut it and glue it up into tablets. Should have been easy.....................Apparently not!!! Needless to say, I have to reprint everything and try another Kinkos. My nephew Curtis manages another Kinkos. I know he can do it right. I should have taken it to him in the first place. What a day!!
But when I got home, faithful friend, Tess, was waiting for me........the end to a not so perfect Sunday afternoon!

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