Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Leaky Pipes and a Full Day of Sewing

Yesterday, today and tomorrow, I have had and will have three men and a ton of hoses and funny looking things all over in my house. We had a leaky pipe under our slab and are in the process of having epoxy sent through all the pipes. For the past few weeks the cold water has been running warm to hot and finally to cold in four different faucets. I guess the theory is that the leak is in a hot water line and that leak is warming up the cold water pipes. Anyway, I am spending all day at home and what else can I do but sew. I am working on a very scrappy Native Star. I am still testing all the directions. It's a Double/Queen and I think it will look very pretty on my guest bed. It is in very fall like colors. I am also working on a pillowcase design, as there are quite a few half-square triangles left over. I like a pillowcase with all hidden seams, so that is what I am playing with.
It's back to sewing. Hey, I can't cook. No water! Maybe tomorrow I will do some much needed cleaning in my sewing room. It is such a mess right now that I can't find 12 squares that I know I cut! I think, maybe, I need to spend a little time cleaning. Ouch! I hate that word!

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