Saturday, November 14, 2009

Moving Day

Today is moving day for my daughter Carol and her husband Doug. This has been a very long process for them.
They started looking for a house to buy way back in April. They wanted in on the government rebate and the houses were priced right. What they found, though, was that low prices can be deceiving. With all the foreclosures and short sales on the market, they thought that surely they would find a house quickly. What they didn't realize was how much of a hand the greedy banks had in all these sales. Yea, the houses would be priced low, but that was only a teaser. As soon as the bank would get a few offers, they would put out a request for a "best and final" offer. Carol was outbid close to 30 times. The final prices were sometimes well over 30-40 thousand above asking price and this was for some pretty yucky houses!

The banks got this economy into the shape it is now and they are prolonging it by screwing around with the buyers. The worst was a short sale with a bank that eventually pulled out of the deal without even notifying Carol, Doug, the sellers realtor or Carol's realtor.

Happy Moving Day Carol and Doug. You deserve it!

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