Friday, November 6, 2009

A New Old One

Last year, at a quilt show, another vendor told me that if I was going to continue doing quilt shows, I would have to constantly make new samples. And she was so right.
I have had customers remind me, that they have seen my quilts somewhere else
where I was a vendor. Ouch!
They may like what they see, but they also want to see something new.
That means, not only do I need to work on new designs, each with new quilts, but keep going back and remaking the old.

So, in the interest of presenting something new and exciting, I made a new Scattered Leaves quilt this week. It came out very pretty.

The inner border is always a little tricky for me.
This time the quilt was getting a little too serious. Too matchy, matchy.
I found this beautiful stripe in my fabric cupboard that was a little woodsy looking and
I think it lightened up the whole quilt.

My daughter Carol is going to see this and want this quilt.
She loves these colors.

I wish I had made this for the last few shows. The time of year was just right.

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