Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Still Here

I'm still here. I've just been taking a break. Today I finally pinned on a small baby quilt on my Juki /Grace set up. I quilted a few passes and my back was hurting, so I will finish that tomorrow. Then I will post a photo.

I've been busy making potholders. I have put them up on Etsy to sell. They are made with flannel and are chenille on one side with Insulbright in the middle.

I started another quilt. It's a new one and will be my next pattern.
To finish it, I need some black Kona.
Sounds like a trip to the fabric store.

I put up a new item on my website.
Well.... it's only half new. I am gift wrapping Stitching Lines for you to send to quilting buddies. If you have tried Stitching Lines, I am sure you know it would make a great little
Secret Santa gift or stocking stuffer.

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