Monday, December 21, 2009

Time is Passing Way Too Quickly

When did Christmas start coming every six months?
Does that happen at your house? I know it happens here!

I could almost swear that just a few months ago, I was putting up a Christmas tree.
The old strings of lights were blown. I remember like it was yesterday.
And I remember putting everything away a few days later.
I hate shopping at the mall. I only go if I have to at Christmas time.
I try to find other places to shop (like the internet).
So, how come I find myself shopping again, so soon after 2008 Christmas.
I am probably still paying for last year's shopping.

I ordered Netflix for my sister's family this morning.
I know I just ordered it a little while ago for last Christmas.
We planted a new tree out front last year. It still looks the same size.
Even Tessy looks the same as last year.

So how come Christmas comes again, so fast after the last one???
Time is passing way too quickly, or else someone is playing a trick on me!
This may be the reason I am dragging my feet.
Still no tree, no lights up and no presents wrapped.

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