Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Have Been Here All Along

Someone woke me up today!!! A dear friend, who I have never met, has encouraged me to get up, get with it and get over it!
I have been in sort of a "funk" as of late. Not sure what a "funk" is, but it feels like a good word to describe how I was feeling.
Christmas time put me in that kind of a mood. I don't really know why.
This year, I think it had something to do with Andy moving out. He had only moved back home on a temporary basis, just a few months. But I enjoyed having him here, even though he took up my dining room(his office), two bedrooms(one to sleep in and one to use as a storage room) and one bathroom. He moved into two bedrooms and a bathroom in his sister's new house. So I still see him plenty. Anyway, that's my theory on why I have been feeling a little down.
But I am all over that now.
Quilt show season is starting up for me. I haven't done a show since October.
I have been busy,making a gazillion quilted coasters. Plus, I am putting together coaster kits with directions, fabric and batting.
I have just about finished a new pattern. I will be sending it out to a tester within a week.
So, I have been busy, just not telling anyone about it!

1 comment:

Joyful Quilter said...

Glad you're back. Can't wait to see your new pattern.

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