Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ocean and Coasters

The rains are gone for now. It's a little colder outside than I would like it to be, just sweater weather. But I guess I shouldn't complain about that. The ocean was pretty dynamic this week. It was covered with white caps and foam. It was beautiful, although the only camera I had was my iPhone, so my photo is not very good.

I have been busy making a ton of quilted coasters, well, not quite a ton, but it feels like it! I am becoming addicted to them. I need to stop and do something else. But it is just so much fun to actually start and complete something so fast.


Yaya and Papa said...

I love your coasters!! and I think your picture of the ocean is a great one!!

chocl8moose said...

Well, the ocean did look great and now, more rain is on the way....but not as much. Like the coasters.

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