Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend in Big Bear

I spent the weekend in Big Bear with Dave and Tess.
The weather was perfect.

I took my little itsy-bitsy Janome machine with me to sew some blocks together. That machine is lighter than my small over-night bag. But, I forgot the 1/4" foot and this machine is a bottom of the line model. I can't move the needle. So, I tried to use the markings on the bobbin cover. Couldn't stay accurate.
I ended up sticking a Post-It Note stack unto the machine bed.
It worked and I got my 1/4" seamline!

There may have been an iron up at the cabin, but I was too lazy to look,
so I finger pressed all my seams.
That worked, too!
In the end, I finished 15 blocks.

Dave took Tess on some long walks downhill.
Only problem was, they had to walk back uphill.
Tess knew how to cool down.

I see arms and fingers everywhere in this old wood. What do you see?

Just some pretty little tree trunks.

I like all the short rectangles lined up.


Joyful Quilter said...

Looks like you had a nice getaway. Good idea with the Post-It stack, I may have to try that with my featherwieght, I always have the worst time keeping a 1/4 seam with it.

Candace said...

Now that's my kind of getaway, Mary! How clever to use the post-it, too! Can't wait to see your finished creation!

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