Friday, March 25, 2011

Covered Notebooks

To keep things interesting in my sewing room, unlike anyone else, I go from project to project, not always with a finish in-between. Today I got a finish. WooHoo! Yesterday, I also finished something, but that doesn't count because I have to scrap it!
I need some more notebooks for my Etsy shop and to sell at shows. So yesterday morning, I made this one. Last night, I tossed it! I made it too short. I should really write down the dimensions. It would make things go so much faster. DAHHHHHH!

See how the cover is too short.

This morning, I started another.

I got out my mothers old button tin. Notice the garter clip. I said "old" tin!

I auditioned a few possibilities, and settled on one combination of black and yellow.

This time I got it right!


Candace said...

Fantastic pattern, Mary! There must be a short notebook out there to fit the first cover! I love the fabric combinations and also the buttons. Oh...and I'm afraid I actually remember using those garter clips before pantyhose came along - eek!

Joyful Quilter said...

I hope you didn't really "toss it", even short it is cute...advertise it as a Kindle holder.

p.s. I picked the black and yellow even before I read what you both have excellent tastes.

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