Monday, March 21, 2011


This is so not something I have made. But I would like to!!
This Hexagon Quilt by Isabelle Etienne-Bugnot is just my style, or what I would like it to be!

This would take a really large cleared off design floor for me to even attempt it.
And that will never happen.
I mean the cleared off part!

It has taken me a long time to even attempt making hexagons. I think it took off a couple years back. Where was I?? But when Accuquilt came out with a hexagon die for the GO cutter, I bought it. They probably came out with it a long time ago. Like I said, I am behind the times with this. With the die, I can cut the small paper template and the larger fabric hexagon all at once.
Anyway, it came in the mail last week and hexagons have become the perfect little sewing project to fiddle with while Dave watches all the basketball on TV in the evenings. And I don't have to buy any fabric. Is that good or bad?

This is what I have done so far.

I think I will make all the centers with a black print and then I have no idea what I will do. I am thinking this could take a lifetime to make.

My zigzag quilt looked quite different at one point over the weekend.
I put most of the borders on, pulled out my EQ7 design sheet and saw that I had sewn them on backwards. So with some serious un-sewing last night, IT STILL LOOKS THE SAME! I do have some of the rows sewn together. At least I didn't have to un-do that part. Don't you just hate un-sewing...such a waste of time!

This has turned out to be another great way to use up my stash. Good thing I have a stash. I keep hearing in the quilt stores that the price of cotton is going up. Maybe I won't give away anymore of my fabric!


Joyful Quilter said...

I have a large design floor you can borrow...and it is all clear...but don't look at me if that quilt were to disappear later. The hexie quilt really is a beautiful quilt and I can visualize you making it (for me?)...hehehe

Candace said...

Oooooo - what a gorgeous water color-like hexagon quilt! I love your start, Mary - especially the dark centers! I have a friend whose husband watched her make them for so long that he had to try his hand - Dave...are you reading this?? Too funny on your zig-zags - but I agree they do look the same - lol!!

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