Sunday, June 26, 2011

1930's Doll Quilt

Today I am showing you my mother's doll quilt. She was born in 1925, so this fabric is right out of the 30's. Although, I have never been a fan of 30's reproduction fabrics, I sure can appreciate how authentic the repro's are. I don't know what my grandmother used for the filling, but it is all lumpy and has shifted all around. It's machine pieced, and very lightly hand quilted along some of the seams, which I only discovered today. It really needed more quilting to stop the shifting of the filling.

I wonder how my grandmother acquired all the little prints. There are 38 prints and non are repeated. I know she wasn't buying Charm Packs. LOL She must have exchanged scraps with her friends, as I can't believe she made that many dresses for my mother, an only child. Although it doesn't show well in my photos, the colors are still pretty vibrant and not worn.

Maybe my mom didn't play with it or drag it around very much. Who knows.


Candace said...

How nice to see this quilt, Mary! You're so lucky to still have it! I wonder if some of the fabrics are from feedsacks? Your grandmother might have swapped pieces of them with other quilters.

Joyful Quilter said...

Cute little quilt. And such great condition, looks like it was just made yesterday.

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