Thursday, December 15, 2011

Now It's a Lattice Quilt

Remember this basket filled with the unfinished, the orphan blocks, the Starts and Stops, my feeling guilty basket?

I dug in deep and pulled out some more and reworked another set of quilt blocks made way too long ago.

These blocks had already been sewn together into the start of a quilt.
But it never liked me. See, it wasn't my fault!

At the time, I wanted to make a quilt with pine trees and stars. But in my mind, these were walking on the ugly side.
So, this week, I took apart the blocks and used the star points to make something new.

I made a few more squares for a border and then resewed these into something completely different.
This little Lattice quilt is just the size to put over Evie's legs when she is in the stoller. I have to force myself to quilt it. That's just one more step in the process that I procrastinate over! At least it is little and shouldn't take too long.

Tomorrow, I will show you what I did with some of the pine trees.

I am feeling a little less guilty about what is lurking in the depths of this basket.


Candace said...

Now that's a hat trick I would never have pulled off, Mary! Great re-work! Evie will be so cozy with it! Can't wait to see what the pine trees morph into!

Joyful Quilter said...

I'm thinking you could make that into a new pattern...very cute.

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