Saturday, February 4, 2012

Squaring Up a Quilt With Binding

I don't know if I do this different from other quilters, but I have a method for squaring up my quilts after they are quilted.

I don't have much of a problem with out-of-square tops after I put them together, but things can change after I wash the quilt.

I like to wash my quilts after I quilt them. I love the look of a crinkled up quilt. Sometimes, though, after I quilt an all-over meandering stitch, the top can get a little longer or shorter on a side or two. In the shrinking process, one side might shrink up more than the other, because of a little more quilting, or who knows what. Anyway, I don't put binding on until after I wash the quilt. Then I use the binding as an evener-upper. If one side is a tiny bit longer than the other, I just ease the quilt to the binding. It doesn't take much, just a little stretching of the binding before sewing it down.

Even though I almost always wash my fabric first before cutting, I like to put the binding fabric in the wash, again, along with the quilt, so I am sure that most of the fabric shrinkage has taken place before I sew it on the quilt.


Rosa said...


Joyful Quilter said...

Interesting process. Do you sew the raw edge down at all? I'd worry about fraying. The quilt turned out really cute.

Candace said...

Great idea, Mary! And very pretty quilt!

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