Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another Quilt Show

Off to another quilt show tomorrow. Going to Henderson, Nevada again. It was a good little show last year. Hope for a repeat this year!
Thought I should check my laptop and little receipt printer before I packed tonight. Good thing I did. The roll of receipt paper was just about gone. Neither Staples nor Office Depot carries the size of thermal paper roll that the machine takes............OF COURSE, I find this out at the last minute!!
So I bought a size that is just 1/8" narrower. Seems to have screwed the printer up. So I can't use my great little POS program that Andy designed. Good thing I kept my old fashioned register. I found the key for the my money bag that was already packed in the hidden compartment of my car...........had to unpack quite a bit to get to it..............All in all........not a good evening.
Ahh, SLEEP, where are you!!


Candace said...

Have a great trip, Mary! I don't know how anyone could resist Stitching Lines!!

Joyful Quilter said...

Hope the show is a good one.

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