Monday, February 4, 2013

Wild Animals Quilted.

I must admit. I had high hopes for yesterday's quilting. At day's end, though, I had only started two blocks for my Scrappy Trip. And my plan was to make and finish six blocks! It was a lazy day for me. So, now I am behind.

This afternoon, I quilted this baby quilt. I used a serpentine stitch and quilted diagonal lines. It's very easy. It keeps the quilt together. And that's always my goal. I wish I liked to quilt, but I don't. Now, into the wash it goes. And then I will put a scrappy binding on it.


Joyful Quilter said...

Very cute! I like the wavy lines, I may steal that idea for my friendship triangles quilt...I hate stitch in the ditch.

Candace said...

I've never been able to master that serpentine stitch, Mary! Looks great on your adorable quilt!

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