Sunday, February 3, 2013

Another Super Bowl Sunday!
That means more sewing time for me! Yipee!!

I plan on sewing together the last two rows of this quilt, today, and maybe quilting it. I have already sold two of these, one online at my Etsy shop. But this is pretty much the end of this giraffe fabric, only a half yard left.
You know I never noticed, but there are also lions with the giraffes. This quilt gets a new name!

I finished my first Scrappy Trip last week. I wonder how long it will sit around, before I quilt it!!

A couple days ago, I started another Scrappy Trip. This one will get quilted for sure, since I am going to put it in my bedroom. I pulled the colors from my pillow shams, which I made from a way too heavy quilt I had bought for my bed. I cut it up for these two shams and have plenty more quilt to use for something else.
I will definitely be sewing more blocks for this quilt today. I only have 12 more to go. And the strips are already cut and organized into blocks.  I set a goal of at least 6 a day. Easy Peasy!!

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