Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fabric Troubles

Yesterday, I made an appointment to visit the Hoffman Fabric warehouse to pick fabric for a new pattern that I am calling Native Star. I met a couple of Hoffman ladies at the Long Beach Quilt Festival and they invited me to use their fabric. How exiting!
I made this quilt up using some inexpensive fabric that I purchased at a well-know fabric store. I was very unhappy with the fabric. I have some kind of allergy to unwashed fabric. I cough, gag and my eyes water if I don't immediately throw the fabric in the wash when I get it home. Well, I did that, but I still had a bad time sewing with this fabric. I couldn't stand to throw out the left over scraps, so in the wash they went for a second time. All I can figure is that there was so much sizing and formaldehyde in this fabric, that it didn't all come out in the wash.
I do like the look of the quilt. The fabrics were pretty, but I will need to wash the quilt as soon as it is quilted.

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