Friday, August 22, 2008

Goodby Old, Hello New

OK, I confess. I do love scissors. Especially new ones. There is nothing like cutting into fabric with a brand new pair. It can be like cutting through air, or slicing through butter. Sharp, clean effortless cuts! Wow! I do have a drawer full. I love the different colors they come in. But, I can't pass by a good pair of black or silver either. Be it Gingher, Fiskar, Henkel or anything inbetween, I like my scissors.
But alas, they have all been put away. A couple new ones are now calling my sewing room "home". I just purchased two spring-action scissors. They work great and since my right thumb is giving me a hard time, they may become the only scissors I use.

I am patiently waiting for the fabric from Hoffman's to arrive. I am so ready to make up my new pattern in the beautiful batiks. UPS has already been here this morning with something else, but no fabric.

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