Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sewing For a Lifetime

I have a sewing addiction!
A zillion years ago, I started to sew. It started innocently. I sat on the floor next to my mother and her old Kenmore sewing machine. She gave me some scraps and a hand sewing needle. But that wasn't enough. I wanted to use the MACHINE! So my mother taught me how to sew on her old black monster. After all, back then it seemed very big and black! After awhile I learned how to follow a pattern. I guess I must have been able to read, but I was still pretty young since my first project was a doll dress.
My need to sew kept increasing, I couldn't get enough. When my mother was sewing, I wanted to sew. So much so, that I changed the thread everytime she got up to iron. Then I would sew a little, and change it back to her thread color when she was done ironing. I did this over and over and over! How I got anything done is beyond me. But it was worth it.
There was even a time that I burnt myself with the iron. I didn't think I would be allowed to iron if my mother knew, so I never told her. Not till dinner did she see my arm and back of my hand. I told her it was nothing, that it didn't hurt much. But believe me, I was putting cold water on it all day long. I still have scars from that burn! Imagine a little girl afraid that she might not get to use the iron!!!

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