Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jungle Flower for Quilt Show

I just finished another Jungle Flower quilt top. It's ready to be sent off to my favorite quilter, Amie Potter. When I do the Long Beach Quilt Festival, I have just a tiny little half booth. So, I don't have much room for many quilts.

This is just a sample size. It's narrower than any in the pattern. I just make it! Amie will make it beautiful.

I am getting ready for my next show at the Santa Monica Quilt Guild. Everything is starting to look like a mess around here, what with all the boxes and tables and cash register. It's all pulled out of it's hiding place and in the upstairs hall. And I suppose it will be there awhile when I come back. Of course, that's not my favorite part of a show.......putting it all back!

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