Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Santa Monica Quilt Show

I've finally recovered enough from this last show to sit down and blog. Why I get so tired from doing a show, I don't know. My kids put up and take down the quilts. I think that's the hard part. I just put out the things on the table. It must be my age!! Luckily I got to sit at a sewing machine and sew half-square triangles for two days straight. I was demonstrating my Stitching Lines. That's Carol and Andy sitting at the table.

When I came home I sewed all the squares into strips and got a good start on a really scrappy quilt. I'll just keep adding squares after every show.

I met some really nice ladies. I had great neighbors on both sides. Generations was one neighbor and Luella's Quilt Basket was on the other side. The ladies at Generations make hand dyed fabrics and also sell some beautiful fibers for making very light and airy scarves and such. I wish they had a website, but they don't.

Too bad the show was so slow. Someone said there were only about 900 quilters that came through the door.

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Candace said...

Beautiful booth, Mary! Wish I could have been there! Love those HST's! This will be a really fun quilt!

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