Saturday, October 24, 2009

One Sick Puppy

Before I tell you about my dog, I want to thank Mary, over at Quilt Hollow for posting a mention about my Stitching Lines. Mary, your photos look like still-lifes. I am a new Follower and can't wait to read more!

If you have followed my blog for very long, you will know that I am the proud owner of Tess, the one and only Perfect Puppy. That's not to deny any of you the same claim to ownership. But, I don't know your dogs.
Tess is 4 1/2 years old now, hardly a puppy, but still one at heart. She has been a perfectly healthy and lively lab retriever mix. She lives to play fetch. And this PP actually will drop the ball or stuffed animal at my feet. She has enough smarts to figure out that, that is the only way I will throw it again and again and again.
Well, two nights ago, she really threw us for a loop. I was upstairs at my computer. Tess was at the top of the stairs. She usually lays there when I am at my desk, kind of like a watchdog. I turned off the lights and headed downstairs with Tess. She acted a little strange, but even more so, when we got to the landing. She wouldn't come any further. It was like her legs just weren't going to take her all the way down.
Finally, she came down, with quite a bit of urging from me. We went out to the front yard, where a neighbor was walking her itsy bitsy little dog. Tess would only sit and watch the other doggy. This was very unusual. Tess loves to chase other doggys if they come to visit.
Anyway, as the evening went on, Tess sat more and more and would not get up and walk.
Dave gave her some Tylenol, to see if that would help her. She was obviously in some kind of pain, although, we couldn't figure where.
By 10:30, Dave and I were getting worried, so we took her to a 24 hour vet.
Of course, just like kids, by the time we got there, Tess was feeling better( probably due to Tylenol) and just walked in.
This was just another adventure to her, with more of her favorites..............people who liked her!
The doctor could find nothing wrong with her. Everything checked out OK. We left.
Andy slept downstairs on the couch, with Tess beside him on the floor. Tess wasn't going upstairs, that was for sure. And he was very worried about her.
The next morning, she was in bad shape again. So Andy and I took her to her own vet. Once again, all systems were up and running. Nothing could be found that was wrong with Tess.
The doctor gave me some pain medication for her and sent us home. One pill knocked her out for most of the day. When she awoke she was fine. And this morning she was out chasing toys again.
We have no idea what caused her the pain and probably never will. I'm just so glad she is feeling better.


Candace said...

Tess is such a sweetie, Mary! I wonder what she was trying to tell you? I'm glad all is well for now and I'll cross my fingers she continues to feel good. Our pets mean so much to us!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary!
It is so hard on us to see pets ache and can't tell us what is wrong. I'm glad little Tess is feeling way better than she was and seems back to herself. Perhaps just one of those achy days like we have too.

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