Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Old Sewing Machine

While making my pillow yesterday, I found that the zipper foot on my newest machine, a Babylock, did not work very well. I couldn't get close enough to the piping. The foot has too much metal on the side that gets in the way of the piping.
So I got out my New Home 8000 and tried it out. Now I haven't used this machine very much. I bought it new in 1992. It was the first home machine that did embroidery. I used it when my kids were little and I was making their clothes. But, even then, I only used it to do embroidery. It has never been my favorite machine as far as being user friendly, although I think it always did beautiful embroidery. In my opinion, it was the best embroidery machine out there for years. Now, the size of embroidery it does is a joke. It doesn't embroider anything much bigger than 2-1/2"!
Anyway, back to my story. The machine would not run. Not at all. The lights came on. The needle moved into position. But when I pressed the foot peddle. Nada! Zip! Nothing! I unplugged, plugged, unplugged, plugged, pressed the peddle, unpressed the peddle,turned it off, turned it on, sat and looked at it and still nothing. Then all of a sudden it started sewing and then wouldn't stop!
Then it stopped and wouldn't start up again. Then it started. It was all very wierd!
So, during one of its working times I tried covering the piping. That worked. but like I wrote yesterday, in the end I just couldn't get the piping on the pillow. So the pillow was pipeless.
An hour later, I came back to the machine. The #@$%^!#%$^ machine would not run again.
So, I left it out and thought maybe my husband could take a look at it. I don't like keeping it out on the kitchen table. I have a sewing room. But my husband says that I am expanding my sewing world into too many rooms!
Of course, when I showed him the problem.....THERE WAS NO PROBLEM!!! The machine ran and ran and ran.
And again it ran this morning!
Th moral of this story. I think my machine was lonely. It needs to be used more often. It needs to keep its juices running. It needs to be loved! I guess some kind of embroidery needs to be done. I better get out my New Home 7000 also and get it running before it freezes up. Now that was my favorite machine of all time!


Anonymous said...

I bought my sewing machine at a charity shop about 6 years ago, it's basic but tempremental some days I get so little done as the feed dog and bobbin are too busy having fun and getting stuck! I sympathize with your old/new machine experience. We all get that behaviour once in a while!!

Cbar said...

If this is self lubricating machine then if it is not run for months it will freeze up. Running the machine will lubricate it. It's like starting a car with no oil! Very bad for the gears. Always be sure to run the machine at least once in awhile.

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