Monday, March 9, 2009

Star Lattice

My husband Dave bought me a new camera this week. He crunched (literally) my old one in the top of his convertible Honda. It fell into the folds of the soft top! Anyway, I think I like it. It seems to take better photos than my Olympus.
This is a new quilt design that I am working on. I think I will call it Star Lattice, unless something more interesting pops into my head.
One day. I was just thinking, that it might be fun to put all the piecing into the lattice and let the big blocks remain plain and unpieced. I think it worked out real nice. Of course, I got to use lots of scraps, which is my favorite kind of quilt. I am working on a smaller version right now that is more of a planned scrappy. I am liking the first one better. The more fabrics there are in a quilt, the more interesting to me.

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