Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Very Messy Sewing Room

In the hopes of getting my sewing room cleaned up (I can hardly call it a studio in the state it is right now!), I am posting pictures of what a mess it is in. As I clean up sections, because that seems to be all I can handle at one time, I will post pictures of before and after. Maybe, I need to embarrass myself a little first! It really is big enough for quilting, although I don't have a design wall at present. I use to have one of those that you stick up on the wall. But I move things around so much, that it was never in the right place. Plus, it leaves the wall so sticky. Like I said, the room is big enough, but I seem to be loosing square footage everyday. I am also weeding out fabric that I used to love and couldn't live without. Now, it's "What was I thinking fabric". So here goes. I am off to do a little early spring cleaning. Wish me luck!

1 comment:

Kami said...

It looks so much more loved when a sewing room is messy, there is something about knowing that creativity is happening---maybe even when you aren't there!

Congrats on cleaning it up, is it time to get it messy yet?

Kami and Marie

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