Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring is Starting to Sprung!

I'm the last one to say that I have a green thumb. If a plant can be killed, I'm your man. Few plants survive a pot at my house. But this little geranium is bucking the system. It's one of the few things to start blooming in my yard.
Tess and I went out this beautiful afternoon to check out what is growing and what isn't. Of course, she always brings a toy. This time it was her cow.
I finished the binding on a new little quilt. Usually, I make a lap size quilt when I design something new. But this time, I scaled back and made a tiny quilt. I think I will add a border to the quilt, as the quilting process on my Grace frame gave me some problems with the on point design. My quilting is actually getting a little better. I still can't do anything remotely interesting like my favorite quilter, Amie Potter. But it's good enough to hold the quilt together when it is just for me.

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