Tuesday, June 22, 2010

After the Show

As I have told you, numerous times, when I am a vendor at a quilt show,
I demonstrate my Stitching Lines.......over and over and over again. I never thought I would get tired of sewing, but on those weekends I can.
Anyway, before the show, I pull fabric scraps from my stash that go with a particular fabric (something that I can use as a baby quilt). I pre-cut the scraps into 3-1/2" squares and stack the squares neatly in a ziplock bag. That is the end of the neatness!
When I get to a show, I stack the squares into pairs that might look good together. It doesn't really matter, since these will be very scrappy quilts. But, I make an attempt!
I set up my little tiny Janome machine and sew away making half-square triangles and demonstrating how to use Stitching Lines.
At a good show, I will go through at least one package of Stitching Lines.
That means 400 half-square triangles! That is enough HST's for at least two of my baby quilts.

When I get home, I press all of them open and square them up.
Most of the time, I only need to trim two sides. I sew these little babies pretty fast when demonstrating. So they are not always perfect, hence the squaring up!
I love the little 4" Omnigrid Square! Perfect size for what I need.

These are all squared up. Some need a dog ear trimmed off.
Now, if I could only remember what fabric they go with!!!

One side note. The quilt I am designing right now......the one I can't show you, of course, uses half-square triangles.
I am cutting them at a perfect 2-7/8" square and then I don't need to square them up.
I get nice 2-1/2" squares. I love it!

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Joyful Quilter said...

Oooohhh Aaahhhh pretty fabric, hope you find your focal fabric...wow you do make a lot of half squares at a show!

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