Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Toy

Something fun came today. I ordered a QuiltCut2. It looks like it will be very useful in cutting squares for all the Half-Square triangles I make. Already, I cut over 160 squares in very little time.
The cutting guide does not move real smoothly, so I will have Dave take a look at it. Maybe, it just needs to be used more.
I am still finishing the binding on the baby quilt I quilted yesterday. I started coughing so much in the last couple of days, that I thought maybe the unwashed fabric was bothering me, so I put the quilt aside last night.
Looks like it is might be the beginning of a cold. I will know tomorrow if I still feel bad. So today, I pre-washed all the fabric that I cut into squares, just in case.
Still have not bought a new computer.

1 comment:

Joyful Quilter said...

New toys are so much fun. Try Walmart for the new computer, they actually have some pretty good deals on name computers.

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