Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bad Doggy, Bad Doggy

My daughter Carol gave me back a quilt I made for her a few years ago.
It needed some surgery.
It seems that new puppy Ginny likes to chew up quilts, rugs, shoes, grass, socks
and pet toys. There must be more.....I just can't think of them.

She chewed the edge off of their bed quilt.
Ginny has a tendency to stealthily sneak up on their bed at night.

So here is what I did.

I cut a piece of batting, bigger than the hole and pinned it in place on the front side.

From the back, I made a clean cut through the quilt and new batting.

I used some neat tricot fusible to attach the batting to the quilt on the front and back.
I ironed it in place on both sides.

This stuff comes in a roll, about 1-1/1" wide and is meant to use when you need to piece together batting. You know all the pieces we have left over that are two small for the project we are working on. I have tons of left over.
This could be great!

I got this from The Batty Lady at the last quilt show I went to.
I traded my Stitching Lines for her Heat Press!

I made patches out of the front fabric and the backing fabric.
It does come in handy when you buy too much of what a pattern calls for!!

And then my camera died and I didn't want to quit working on this.
So fast forward to the finished patch job.

If you zoom in on this you can see the black zig-zag stitch around the patch.
I figure no one will ever see it. I did sew the backside patch on by hand.
I pieced more binding and finished the job.

This could have been one of those jobs I put off forever, so I am very proud of myself.
It only took me one week to get myself to do it.


Joyful Quilter said...

Nice job, you can barely see the patch...good thing you had left over fabric. I'm going to keep my eye out for the Heat Press Batting Together (or whatever it is called), sounds very useful.

Tamara said...

that quilt looks familiar... ive had several meet the same fate! I am impressed with your fix my fixes are no where near that pretty!

Candace said...

Goody - a two-fer! I know for sure I will need your tutorial when we ever get out dog - and I didn't know about the heat n press! Thanks, Mary!!

sewtakeahike said...

Mary! Thank-you so much for this tutorial on quilt patching!!! It looks amazing. I need to get some of the fusible web for piecing batting together too! Thank-you, thank-you!!

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