Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Spaces

I took stock of where I'm at.
That is, where I'm at inside my house. I tend to spread out with my stuff.

Going on a little tour of my house, I noticed that I am indeed taking over most of the rooms in the house. Well, why not? The kids are gone! It's better to use the space than have empty rooms. That's my theory anyway. My husband keeps teasing me about using all the rooms in the house for my sewing/pattern design business. It might be true.
I can't argue with what I see as I walk through the rooms.

On to the tour.
Make up your own mind as to whether I have taken over the house.

Sewing Room........I am designing and working on a new pattern. So the place is a mess.

Entry Way......... Boxes of Stitching Lines. The printer put them in large boxes this time and they are too heavy for me to move.

Living Room....Tables, chairs and grid from last show. They haven't made their way into sewing room yet. Remember, that room is a mess because I am designing new pattern. There is no room until I clean it up. I haven't shown you the dining room. That's where I assemble Stitching Lines when I need more. Yes, I do it all myself!
Right now it is actually picked up, so need to show it.

Upstairs....Extra Bedroom. It has no purpose so I put my Grace quilting frame up. Notice how it is covered with wrapped fat quarters. I keep product in here for quilt shows. And I really am not into quilting that much!
There is a lot of empty space underneath the frame,
because I haven't put everything away yet.
Remember, I am designing a pattern right now!

Hallway.......... This is where I store my quilts between shows. Keeps the wrinkling to a minimum. I still have one bag of quilts downstairs in living room.
I cheated and didn't show you that!

Loft.........This is my computer desk where I design and write my patterns.
Not showing up is another desk on opposite wall where I put patterns together and on another wall is where I package up orders to ship out.
Can't remember when I last closed the doors to this cabinet!

Now, I told Dave he could have the other bedroom and move his computer setup into there. I think that is generous. But, he is not interested in the work involved in moving all his stuff. So I put a small quilt rack in there and
piled up a bunch of quilts in that room also!!
LOL Hey, he has a three car garage!


Joyful Quilter said... it. Everyone keeps asking me why don't I move my sewing room into one of the larger bedrooms...what they don't realize is I have. The sewing machine may not be in them but if you open the closets or dresser drawers you will find either quilts or fabric in every bedroom.

American Quilter's Society said...

I see you have several setups for quilting! Greatness can not be contained to just one area! Happy Quilting.

Candace said...

As it should be in the home of a quilter, I say ;>)

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