Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another Finish

Another quilt is finished, this time my Diamond Quilt, quilted by Amie Potter. I didn't want any custom work on this one. I thought a panto would be perfect and Amie chose the right one. I am picky about what I want on my quilts. I don't like to have other objects floating all over the quilt, such as flowers or stars or little animals or anything that I can identify. I just like to have some swirly texture. And this panto was perfect.

This is a really scrappy quilt, my absolute favorite. Don't you find that you still need to buy fabric when working with scraps from your stash? I do. Or else all my scrappy quilts start looking like the same colors. I love the unexpected magenta border. I figure why not! It's a great color! This was another Stitching Lines quilt, all made from Half-Square triangles.

Someone was in the posing mood.


Mary said...

I love this quilt with the magenta fabric used in the border - and the model is oh so beautiful too :)

Joyful Quilter said...

Ahhh, what a cute model!

Candace said...

Awwww -- Tess is the perfect model! I love this quilt and the panto is absolutely perfect for it!

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