Monday, February 14, 2011

Another Method-Same Results-Just Faster

It's amazing how I can overlook something so easy. I have been focused on cutting small squares to make Half-Square Triangles. That's easy and quick. No problem.
It took my friend and long arm quilter, Amie Potter to show me an OMG moment. Amie doesn't get much time to actually make quilts. She is a fantastic quilter. I have shown you much of the spectacular quilting she does for me. But when Amie does put together a quilt, she likes it to be fast!
Over lunch a couple of weeks ago, she told me how she used my Stitching Lines to make her HST's.
I had to say DAHHHH!
This is how she did it.
And I know I have done this years ago, but had completely forgotten all about this method.

Layer two large squares.

Take one Stitching Lines strip. Trim to 1/4" shorter than diagonal.
Lay it on top of squares, corner to corner with the the fabric tips showing.
Stitch on both dotted lines.
Tear off the paper.
Lay another Stitching Lines strip on opposite diagonal. Stitch on both dotted lines and rip off paper. See! Just four lines of stitching!

Cut apart at center of square both directions. Don't shift the fabric.

Cut between the stitching lines.

Two large squares. Two Stitching Lines. Four lines of stitching. Four rotary cuts. Eight Half-Square Triangles!
Easy as Pie!


Anonymous said...

You are so funny! I have a cheat sheet around here somewhere that shows sizes to cut squares for multiple half square triangles...I love it!

Candace said...

Oh gosh - you two are genius! I've done this with one square and made two, but never thought about 8! Thanks, Mary and Amie!!

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