Friday, August 14, 2009

After All Is Said and Done, It's Not So Bad

My little baby size Spanish Tiles quilt top is finished. Isn't it amazing how color placement makes such a difference in how a quilt looks? After I finished it, I decided it wasn't so bad after all, just different from what I had planned.
The new quilt is on the chair.


Candace said...

I'm catching up with your last few posts, Mary - Tessy is so adorable - and yes, big! I always look at mistakes as happy accidents - at least you now have a second quilt and I think they're both fantastic! Are the curves appliqued or machine pieced?

Jane said...

I saw this "in person" yesterday and it looks amazing! Lots like a real stained glass window when held up straight. You go Mary! Love the new (old) one too! Maybe I need to make YoYos????

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